4 - 5 OCTOBER , 2018


4th October: Shextreme Film School @ Paintworks, Bristol:  7pm - 9:30pm Book your place here.


5th October: Shextreme Film Festival Screening, poetry performances, art +panel discussion @ The Loco Klub, Bristol: 7 - 10:30pm

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Panel Speakers


At this year's festival, we have handpicked one seriously inspiring line up of speakers for our group panel discussion.


Photography Credit: Jonny Baker

Photography Credit: Jonny Baker


Legendary Hazel Findlay is the first British woman to climb a trad route at E9. She is also the first British woman to free El Capitan in Yosemite, which she has done not once, not twice but three times! She is also a highly skilled supportive coach specialising in teaching climbers expert techniques on to overcome fear for increased performance and enjoyment.


Photography Credit: Chris McClean

Photography Credit: Chris McClean


Easkey is a surfer; storyteller; associate professor and artist. She is 5 times Irish National Champion and Big Wave WSL nominee surfer. She also makes waves of positive change as founder of Like Water. She is well-known for her award-winning surf documentary Into the Sea.



Suzie is taking adventure to the next level: outer space! She is a NASA-trained astronaut; Planetary Scientist at the University of Leicester; mountaineer; rock climber; rower and runner. 


Photography Credit: Becky Westcott

Photography Credit: Becky Westcott


Anoushé is a para-climber and ultimate role model and champion for all those experiencing barriers and self-limiting beliefs.  Anoushé is the 2017 Asian Women of Achievement Award winner for Sport and the 2017 recipient of the Helen Rollason Award for Inspiration at The Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year Awards. She is also the founder of Paraclimbing London.


Photography Credit: Hot Aches Productions

Photography Credit: Hot Aches Productions


Paul is a multi-award winning adventure filmmaker, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. As well as creating productions under his Hot Aches label, Paul offers freelance camera, director and broadcast industry editing services.

His experience ranges from hanging off ropes filming live outside broadcasts of rock climbing, to following adventurers and athletes pushing their limits. He is an expert at using the latest HD/ 4K video cameras and is highly proficient with professional video editing software. We are delighted Paul is also one of our expert tutors at Shextreme Film School this year. 



Film Programme 


Our entries this year were next level all kinds of awesome! Our Official Selection for Shextreme Film Festival 2018 include:


Evolution of Dreams

U.K Premiere: What happens when the passion fades for your dreams? Do you just stop? Or do you search for what’s missing and uncover new goals and dreams? Eva and Jackie’s journeys have taken them from regulated ski courses to big mountain skiing as they tackle new challenges and conquer new fears. It’s their evolution of dreams, watch how it all unfolds.


Boarders Without Borders

UK film premiere: Following the journey of the formation of the UK's first Women of Colour Longboarding crew, using sport as a tool for social change.

BWB 7.jpg

On Her Terms

World Premiere: Manon Carpenter and Monet Adams head to Iceland to explore the countries amazing mountain biking as well as digging into their sustainable design outlooks and energy production.



Shades of Winter COUPLES

Creative producer Sandra Lahnsteiner (AUT) introduces a new aspect of her series of female action sport protagonists when Janina Kuzma (NZL), Julia Mancuso (USA) and herself bring along their spouses on a freeride trip into the wild mountains of British Columbia, Canada, for the first time ever. As professional athletes the ladies are constantly faced with the risks and challenges of backcountry skiing, overcoming vulnerability and fear, experiencing adrenaline rushes and absolute joy. 
But did they ever think how their spouses feel about them being out there in these wild mountains?

Credit: Colleen Gentemann

Credit: Colleen Gentemann


a land shaped by women

U.K. Premiere: an inspirational depiction of their journey across Iceland, where the two Freeride World Champions explore the country in a van through the adventure sports they are passionate about: snowboarding and surfing. On the road they meet inspirational Icelandic women to understand their mindset living in a country with a rich history in gender equality.




World Premiere: A story directed by Nicole Tobin about an independent skateboarder, who won't let anything get in her way of skating, not even a sewer.


Twinkle Power To Change

The first ever woman weightlifter from Pakistan to have won a gold medal internationally. Twinkle belongs to the minority Christians of Pakistan and her story is a story of change from one of the most sidelined, marginalised communities. Her success changed views about minorities and also opened up new opportunities for women in general by breaking the conservative traditions of the land.



To the Moon and Back

There is no stronger bond than the one between a mother and a child. That means great sacrifice from both when they're miles apart. Abby Ehler, mother and professional yachtswoman competed in the 2017/18 Volvo Ocean Race, the ultimate test of a team and a human adventure like no other. It’s relentless: the importance of winning, the adventure of life on board, the transformative effect on the sailors — all of these combine to give the Volvo Ocean Race its power and depth.
 This is a story of life away from family.


#EngageYourSenses - Georgia Pilkington

Georgia Pilkington began climbing at her local indoor wall aged 7, at 16 she won all three rounds of the BMC Para Climbing Series (Hearing Impaired category). Now she’s moved on to tackling epic challenges like the Old Man of Stoer and the Matterhorn and is keen for more; especially since she was recently diagnosed with Autism and climbing helps her overcome feelings of anxiety and makes her feel truly herself. Directed by Danielle Sellwood: Find It Film.



In Perpetual Motion

There is no singular shot that defines a photographers career as it is about the process of photography and the fine balance between passion and obsession. A short film that explores the work of Adventure Photographer Krystle Wright and the different tangents of fear that weaves between her life and her work.

Credit:  Krystle Wright



Shextreme Artists-in-Residence


Libby Parfitt & Kim Piffy

Representing Bristol’s amazing local talent, illustrators and artists Libby Parfitt & Kim Piffy will be creating some lush live adventure art on the night!

Still in need of even more celebrations of Women in Adventure? Then look no further than are awesome friends Women’s Adventure Expo with a programme of talks, workshops and seminars here. So excited to collaborate with Women’s Adventure Expo again this year to bring you a brilliant programme in Bristol from 4 - 6 October. Woo!