Image Credit: Jen Randall: award-winning adventure filmmaker & Shextreme Alliance Member

The WorlD’s FIRST INTERNATIONAL NETWORK for female adventure filmmakers, PHOTOGRAPHERS & Media Makers

From working out how to finance your film to getting your film’s press release published in top adventure magazines, trying to figure out everything on your own can be exhilarating but also exhausting, overwhelming and at times lonely flying solo re-inventing the wheel each time second-guessing your next move.


It’s time-consuming trawling through what limited information there is out there for those wanting to make an adventure film and career in this field. Often, filmmakers will only be interviewed after the film has been made so you don’t gain truly helpful behind-the-scenes knowledge.


The few adventure film workshops out there are all geographically-specific, which is hard if you can’t take the time off work and book travel and accommodation half way across the world.


The Alliance is born from our community needs at Shextreme Film Festival. There is no shortage of amazing female adventurer stories. However, there is a lack of support for filmmakers sharing these active women’s stories on screen. Discover the tailor-made help, professional training and industry recognition available for members of Shextreme Alliance.