Shextreme Non-Fiction Book Competition




We are delighted to celebrate the literary achievements of women in adventure with our inaugural Shextreme Non-Fiction Book Competition. We are seeking to celebrate women who have chosen to share their adventure story in book format. 



Non-fiction book entries must feature women in extreme sports and adventure including snowboarding; skiing; skating; cycling; surfing; SUP; kayaking; travelling around the world; running and climbing. 

Non-fiction book entries must feature a female writer as the sole author or as part of a co-authored writing team.

Self-published books are not eligible to enter on this occasion.

Non-fiction book entries must be published by a publishing house that has a base in the UK to ensure your book is easily available for UK audiences to enjoy.

Only accepting non-fiction book entries in which first editions have been published since 1st January 2016. Any books released prior to this date will not be eligible for entry.



Two parts to successfully submit your work:

PART 1: Log on to FilmFreeway here. Select 'Script' to create a New Project. Submit a one page .pdf document to the Shextreme Best Non-Fiction Book Category outlining a book blurb; an author bibliography and publishers contact information. 

PART 2: Please post two hard copies of your non-fiction book to Dr. Ruth Farrar c/o Shextreme , Artswork Media, Unit 7.02 Paintworks, BS4 3EH to arrive no later than 1st September, 2018. Early entries most welcome. 





Jon Barton is the managing director of Vertebrate Publishing. His company specialises in the publishing of outdoor adventure books, both guides and narratives. He famously published the Boardman Tasker winning books The Bond, Cold Wars and Rock Athlete. Jon started publishing books ten years ago, and one of the aims of the books has always been to not gender stereotype outdoor activities, Vertebrate Publishing has always aimed to make sure their books had plenty of photos of real outdoor athletes, both men and woman, they have also made sure they sought out great female voices who have often struggled to be published in the outdoor adventure genre. Jon is currently overseeing the publication of the Waymaking anthology of women’s outdoors inspired prose, poetry and art. Jon has been climbing, mountain running being outdoors for many years now.

Caroline Harris photo BSU.jpg


Caroline Harris is a writer, editor and business leader with many years’ experience in publishing and journalism. Harris + Wilson, the company she co-founded, has created books for global publishers with authors and brands ranging from indie film magazine Little White Lies and ethical bakery The Thoughtful Bread Company to organic baby food pioneer Ella’s Kitchen and Adrenalin magazine founder Michael Fordham (The Book of Surfing).

She is the author of Ms Harris’s Book of Green Household Management (John Murray) and recently completed an MA Creative Writing (Poetry) at Royal Holloway, for which she was awarded the University of London prize. She is a Senior Lecturer in Publishing at Bath Spa University.


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